Monday, 10 September 2007

Working at Google III

Mariana Riva wrote a link in her blog about my posts on working in Google, and I have realized I didn't write anything about that in a long time.
The first thing that I found interesting were the interviews. I won't go into details; needless to say, they are gruesome. But I had fun, since my interviewers were really smart guys. Of course, even I know that my concept of fun is a bit weird, in the same way that a SM concept of pleasure is kinda strange.
I remember I once had fun sitting for my Data Structures exam. There was a problem that required a mathematical proof about data structures; it had been an exercise left to the during the classes but it was so esoteric that we skipped it, considering it useless.
It was a written exam, but the professor asked oral questions afterwards; therefore, we had as much time as we needed. Since it was a challenge and I had time, I set myself to solve the problem. I started the exam at 8 a.m., finished at 2 p.m., had great fun in between (and got an A+!).
If you are this kind of person, you will excel at Google (and certainly pass the interviews; most probably, you have even solved the famous billboard). If you are not working in Google already, I certainly encourage you to submit your resume.

More to come in my next entry...

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Gonzalo said...

gruesome?....already speaking Dutch...

Luis Sigal said...

From Merriam-Webstera:
Main Entry: grue·some
Variant(s): also grew·some /'grĂ¼-s&m/
Function: adjective
Etymology: alteration of earlier growsome, from English dialect grow, grue to shiver, from Middle English gruen, probably from Middle Dutch gruwen; akin to Old High German ingruEn to shiver
: inspiring horror or repulsion : GRISLY
synonym see GHASTLY

Another thing in my amazing store of useless knowledge. And if you are wondering why I am replying comments at 7:00 AM, a severe case of jet lag.