Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Google is evil: they've reduced my lifespan

Asbestos? No.
Smoke filled rooms? No.
A possible heart attack due to a high stress environment? Certainly not (however, it might be partially true, if you consider how much weight I may gain from eating the amazing food).

I've been given a Blackberry, so I may now read my mails while walking. The problem is that I may get distracted while crossing a street, forgetting to look up. So my lifespan has been reduced by 2.4 years now, due to the risk of a car accident.

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Anonymous said...

walking and chewing gum then...

Anonymous said...

But then RIM/BlackBerry should be to blame, because they made the device in the first place.

Luis Sigal said...

"Blackberry's don't kill people: people kill people"
"I'll give up my Blackberry--when they pry it from my cold, dead, hands" (which seeing the content of the post, may happen quite soon)
Let's the NRA-bashing-fun begin!