Sunday, 17 February 2008

If you visit Orlando don't miss Busch Gardens

Last weeks I was in Orlando (that's why I didn't write, not because I am lazy). Besides missing the Dublin weather, I was enjoying Busch Garden's roller coasters (and others). I especially liked SheiKra; it is smooth and soft (yes, you can say that of a roller coaster with a vertical drop). Unfortunately, due to Earth's high gravity field, a vertical fall cannot last long, unless you parachute; even the 200 feet fall cannot last more than 3.5 seconds (even less if you take into account friction with the rails and air). It is quite scary before you go up; afterwards, wooden roller coasters like Gwazi are way scarier.

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seo london said...

Went to Florida last summer. Didnt make it to Busch Gardens. Went to sea world which is also owned by the Busch family and I was a bit disappointed so was a bit wary of going to B Gardens. Loved everything at Disney though and Universal Islands of Adventure. I though Universal Studios itself looked very old though.

Luis Sigal said...

I agree that Universal Studios looked a bit old... though they are doing lots of renewal now, with The Mummy, The Simpsons (removed Back to the Future, though!).
I didn't go this time to Sea World... it seems it was a good decision.

Orlando Hotels said...

I love Universal Islands of Adventure- it is all I dream of as a child- to walk in to a fairy tale :) Orlando in general is incredible, I don't know, perhaps it is my dreamers perception but hey- who can stop himself from dreaming lol