Sunday, 19 August 2007

Dublin to San Francisco (via Hell)

Lately, my trips have been hellish.
This time, my baggage was delayed; I still can't understand how. Since I entered the US through Atlanta, I had to pick up the bag, carry it through customs, and then, it was put in the next plane. Somehow, the airline made a mistake in that final step.
By the way, it was quite amazing that I went through US immigration in Dublin; yup, there were several officers in Dublin, with the whole fingerprint scanning, cammera, etc. and when you arrived to the US you just went straight ahead, with no further paperwork. I guess the airline avoids getting a person back and paying a fine if he/she is rejected.
Another side comment; technology is getting really idiot-proof. I took the pictures of the hotel room with my Samsung D900
(which has an amazing camera, I took the pictures in a hurry, with little light and no flash, and they are not that bad), transfered them to my notebook through Bluetooth and uploaded them to the internet via Wifi. I didn't need to connect any cables, or setup anything. And I have just arrived to the hotel after traveling for 24 hours, as my writing skills show; my technical skills must be really bad too.

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