Saturday, 25 August 2007

Working at Google

You will not be seeing any new information in this post, just my opinion about some of the perks of working at Google...
First, the free food in a beautiful environment; it is a problem not to eat it, especially since food is available all day long! Then, if you like dogs, you can bring them to the office (no cats allowed, though). And of course, all the nice things as having a full size replica of the Spaceship One
One trend that is either cool or worrisome is how easy it is to work in Google. All the campus has WiFi, and even the buses do. So, you can work in the way to the Googleplex, then stay long since it's great in there, and even work while you are in the toilet (which are certainly "Googley").
PS: Don't mind trying to read what is on the computer screen; no trade secrets there, just a newspaper.
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